solid cream metaperspirant
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Our unique patented starch gel provides a new approach, interrupting the axillary microbiome's interaction with sebum and apocrine sweat. No odor while sweating naturally.

apply externally

1. Place on a cotton round or fingertip.
A fingertip full, or about 2 grams, is usually sufficient under each arm.

2. Apply to dry, clean skin under arm

3. Repeat on the other underarm.

personal deodorant allows natural perspiration and interrupts the process of underarm odor.
Metaperspirant works alongside and after natural perspiration.

Made in USA with Oozeq Solid Cream starch gel
US Patent 11,118,032

Non-GMO, Vegan, cruelty free

Contains only starch, glycerin and water.

Available with non-GMO starch from arrowroot, corn, tapioca / cassava, potato or rice.

Interrupts the process where bacteria and oily (apocrine) sweat from hair follicles combine to cause unpleasant odors.

Does not change pH or impact naturally cooling salty (eccrine) sweat.

Gentle formula eliminates potential irritation from interaction with active chemicals found in essential oils, aloe vera latex and other plant extracts.

Solid Cream reduces body odor for up to 24 hours or more. Oily (apocrine) sweat needs to be washed from the underarm area regularly with soap and water, daily or as needed. Reapply Solid Cream after washing and drying.

Moisture may still produce some odor. This is different from body odor. Drying the armpit area, including putting on a clean dry shirt, will control this.

patented hydrogel

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