Open Source Malaria Vector Control

Solid Cream Metaperspirant deodorant
Mosquitoes like body odor, Deodorant helps prevent malaria. Make malaria defense from starchy plants. Malaria Vector Control, Open Source

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Malaria may be prevented using various means including nets, pesticides and genetic engineering.
Scientific studies have shown the chemical causes of human body odor, and the role those chemicals play in attracting mosquitoes.

Our novel starch hydrogel provides an effective topical to prevent body odor (carboxylic acid) that would otherwise attract mosquitoes to humans.
Open source outside the US, this deodorant may be prepared at home from a starchy vegetable or plant, some water, and a cooking fire.
Crush starchy vegetable.
Soak crushed vegetable in water.
Drain water from crushed vegetable.
Let starch settle, then pour off water.
Collect starch, dry and measure.
Combine 1 unit volume measure of starch with 20 unit volume measures of water, and cook over fire just until clear gel.
Remove from fire, allow to cool.
Add 16 unit volume measures of starch into clear gel.
Mix until fully combined into smooth dough.
Apply a small amount under each arm, as much as will easily fit on one's fingertip, approximately 2 grams.
Rub in to cover the under arm.
Shelf life of this deodorant cream is 1 to 2 days without refrigeration.
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