Oozeq is made in USA from cornstarch, glycerin and water - oozeq@oobleq.com
Oozeq Tetrahedron Oozeq Octahedron Box Oozeq Pyramid Phone Stand
Oozeq Hexagon Oozeq Triangle Tato Oozeq Rolling Oloid
Oozeq Rectangle Envelope Oozeq Tetrahedron Box with Lid Oozeq Face Mask
Oozeq Hexagon Oozeq Big Tetrahedron from One Rectangle Oozeq Dollar Vulture
Oozeq Paper Airplane from One Rectangle Oozeq Paper Airplane, Symmetrical, from One Rectangle Oozeq Paper Airplane, Long Dart, from One Rectangle
Three Dimensional Corner Triangle Tray Truncated Triangle Tray
Pentagon with Error Correction Pentagon Antiprism Hexagon Tray Open Antiprism
Truncated Triangle Open Antiprism Geodesic Dome Open Icosahedron Geodesic Dome Open Icosahedron from Square
Star with Edge Locked Pleats Star with Squashed Pleats Open Anticube, Square Antiprism
Inside Out Envelope Cylinder Cone Inside Out Envelope
Funnel Triaugmented Triangular Open Prism from Square Equilateral Triangles
Fast Phone Stand from Square
Original origami designs and diagrams by the inventor of Oozeq.

Diagrams are drawn using the Yoshizawa–Randlett system.

Contact us via email at oozeq@oobleq.com
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